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Standard provides a comprehensive line of both OE and aftermarket components. Each and every Standard automotive part is designed to install, fit, and function just like the component from the dealer so that your vehicle operates as it should or even better. To ensure exceptional quality, Standard has a highly dedicated engineering team that utilizes the most innovative methods and processes, including fast prototyping, 3D design modeling, magnetic FEA modeling, stress analysis modeling, finite elemental analysis, digital performance analysis, 100% validation process, etc.

Standard has never rest on its laurels and always continued to expand its manufacturing capacity. Today, the company's impressive product line includes ignition and fuel system components, switches, sensors, computerized engine controls, and a wide range of other advanced engine systems parts. All Standard products have one thing in common – none of them leave the manufacturing facility until they meet the strictest quality standards. That is why, Standard continues to lead the way in advanced automotive technology with more than 40,000 products.

If you're looking for a perfect TPMS sensor solution, there’s only one replacement brand you need to know: Standard. It's the first TPMS manufacturer ever to be registered with NSF® International, a world-trusted organization that tests and verifies the performance of products and systems for manufacturers, regulators, and consumers. As a result, Standard OE-Match TPMS sensors are subjected to third-party validation to ensure that they meet all applicable federal requirements and fit and operate accurately in a manner equivalent to the original equipment (OE) sensors on the vehicle. Therefore, with over 98% coverage and OE-matching, direct-fit TPMS sensors that can be OE-relearned or ID-cloned, Standard is the most effective TPMS choice in the automotive industry.

Being totally committed to the turbo market, Standard provides a collection of highly reliable turbocharges for passenger cars, light and medium-duty trucks, and SUVs, which gives their customers the coverage they need for both gas and diesel applications. The Standard's line of 100% new turbos means one can install the part with complete confidence. Each direct-fit replacement product ensures ease of installation. In addition to completely new units, Standard offers remanufactured turbochargers that include the electro-hydraulic control valve, avoiding the need to purchase separate parts. Especially for diesel vehicles, Standard provides hundreds of new, never remanufactured, parts in dozens of unique diesel engine management categories. In other words to say, Standard is committed to supplying professional technicians with the most extensive coverage for genuine diesel parts in the market.

Nowadays, Standard continues to be a mover and shaker in the automotive aftermarket industry, supplying professional automotive technicians and do-it-yourselfers with innovative engine management parts for both import and domestic vehicles. In total, the company's latest release spans 24 product categories and increases coverage through the 2017 model year by more than 61 million vehicles on the road. With extensive engineering and design capabilities across the globe, along with an intensive testing regimen and product validation that all of their products go through, Standard remains one of the most trusted and respected brands on the market. So, if you're looking for the highest quality engine management products, rely on Standard parts, which are guaranteed to meet all your requirements and needs! 

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