The AISIN Group offers an incredible product lineup, including components for virtually every part of a vehicle, from engine and transmission system to the brake system, a/c and heating parts, chassis, body parts such as door latches and sunroofs, and many more. Aisin products are trusted for their exceptional quality and reliability and are incorporated into vehicles produced by automakers worldwide. The company is actively pursuing the design and development of new value-added products, keeping a strong focus on quality backed by proven production methods and reliability evaluations. Also, Aisin does its best to achieve harmony with society and nature by constantly engaging in activities that contribute to society and environmental conservation.


As an automotive parts manufacturer that provides products for virtually every automotive system, Aisin not only designs and develops diverse products, but also possesses the 'integrated power' to create systems fusing hardware and software. The three core points on which the company builds its ultimate solutions are 'environment and fuel economy,' 'comfort and convenience,' and 'safety and security.' In terms of 'environment and fuel economy,' Aisin is striving to optimize energy efficiency and reduce exhaust pollutants. In the area of 'comfort and convenience,' the company is working to ensure smooth car entry and exit as well as safe and comfortable driving experience. For 'safety and security,' Aisin tries to achieve superior driving performance by focusing on collision prevention and clear visibility of the road ahead.


Today, Aisin can boast of a reputation of one of the world’s foremost comprehensive auto parts manufacturers. The company's R&D is focused on developing future technologies, creating innovative products, and contributing to the enrichment of society. Besides automotive technologies, Aisin is also engaged in R&D in several areas such as environment and human living conditions, optical engineering, and refrigeration technology. The company provides lifestyle products for a more comfortable living environment, energy-related products for maximum efficiency and minimum resource consumption, and wellness-related products based on ergonomic principles. Moving forward, AISIN group continues working with its numerous affiliates and subsidiaries around the world in order to contribute to the development of a better automotive society and a higher standard of living.

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