ADVICS (Advanced Intelligent Chassis Systems) was founded in July, 2001 by representatives motivated by a strong desire to create the world's number one brake system. ADVICS manufactures products that improve safety and comfort in an environmentally responsible manner, exceeding the highest customers' expectation worldwide. All manufacturing facilities of the company are certified to ISO14001 environmental management systems standards.


Today ADVICS is known as the worldwide brand of reliable brake boosters, master cylinders, disc brakes, drum brakes, and other related components. With its uncompromising commitment to quality, ADVICS has established a quality assurance system that promotes safety throughout the design and production of all its products making them reliable on a variety of road surfaces and in various climate conditions.


With the company‚Äôs extensive engineering expertise, which includes vehicle movement simulations, brake squeal and vibration analysis, dynamometer performance testing, etc., ADVICS brake systems achieve the highest level of safety possible today. They ensure total control behind the wheel, which results in comfortable and safe driving. ADVICS products meet or exceed specifications, assuring industry-leading braking performance. 

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