DENSO is one of the industry's largest suppliers of A/C parts and components. The company offers new and remanufactured A/C compressors along with brand-new accumulators and receiver driers, expansion devices, condensers and other cutting-edge A/C components required for proper maintenance and safe operation of the system. They seamlessly integrate with your vehicle’s A/C system and ensure unmatched performance, reliability and fitment. Besides A/C solutions DENSO carries plenty of other high quality products including camshaft and crankshaft position sensors, oxygen sensors, TPMS sensors as well as fuel system components, fuel and air filters, etc. DENSO is a leader in direct ignition technology. It has pioneered the industry's first compact stick-type ignition coil that has a space-saving design and doesn't require any high-tension ignition cable. In addition, the company is famous for its premium ignition wire sets and spark plugs including Platinum TT and Iridium TT ones which significantly improve combustion and reduce the quantity of misfires resulting in amazing power output and superior fuel economy. DENSO was the first company to use platinum in spark plug manufacturing to improve the durability of spark plugs and maximize their longevity. Its platinum spark plugs offer high resistance to erosion and corrosion to provide consistent performance.


Zero defects per millions of parts produced is a reality for DENSO. The company provides a broad range of products that meet or exceed the strictest OE standards and requirements to ensure unparalleled performance. Among them are DENSO starters and alternators that are known for their exceptional reliability and quality. Its starters deliver maximum cranking torque under any conditions and are environmentally designed to start your engine in any weather conditions while its lightweight and compact alternators are designed to meet grueling heat and electrical requirements. Their trouble-free operation has made them the natural choice for dozens of top vehicle manufacturers in the Unites States and across the globe.


It often seems to be rather challenging to find a reliable replacement for your factory parts or choose quality performance products for customizing your vehicle. Fortunately, there are several manufacturers you can always rely on when it comes to quality, performance and reliability, and DENSO is one of them. During its long history of excellence and innovation DENSO has received over 38000 patents worldwide and produced millions of First Time Fit products that are precision-built for exact replacement, so you'll never have to do the same job twice.