Dorman Auto Parts are better than OE because they’re designed to address the requirements of the repair. Some Dorman car parts enable you to replace just the part that failed without having to replace the entire assembly. For example, Dorman offers keyless remote cases that allow replacement of a cracked or broken case instead of the entire key fob, and air bag clock springs that can be replaced without changing the wiring harness.


Dorman also reengineers many parts to eliminate original failure patterns. Dorman’s Toyota hybrid drive batteries have been upgraded with nickel plated bus bars to reduce corrosion. Their replacement spare tire hoists receive a coated finish to resist rust and corrosion, a common cause for failure of the original part. The Dorman EGR valve for certain Cummins diesel engines has been reengineered to include a redesigned position sensor axle bushing that eliminates the dislodging and erratic sensor readings that are common failure symptoms of the original unit.


Having a complete kit for repairs saves time and money by supplying everything needed to complete the job. Dorman’s EGR cooler kit for Ford 6.0L diesel engines includes all necessary gaskets and hardware, and the cooler has been reengineered with a straight tube core to eliminate the typical cause for failure of the OE part. The shifter rebuild kit for the transmission used in many Ford cars and trucks includes the cover, gaskets, pins, bushings, and spring for a complete repair. And many other Dorman complete kits come with all the hardware to finish the job, so you don’t have to run all over. 

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